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Park rules

Please take a few minutes to read over our Park Policies and Rules.


Fees, entry and exit

  • Please ensure that all fees are paid in advance. All fees are calculated to 10am on the departure date. Strictly no refunds or cancellations after check in.
  • A valid boom gate pin number will be issued upon check in for ONE vehicle only, this pin number will expire at 10am on the date of departure unless prior arrangements are made for a later check out.
  • Do not tailgate on entry or exit, by not entering your pin number you will not be able to enter or exit the next time. Damage may be caused to your vehicle if you tailgate.
  • Ensure all visitors register at reception and pay any fees on arrival. If reception is closed their visitors shall register as soon as possible after reception re opens.


Check in + check out

  • Check in is available after 2pm unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Check out is to be by 10am
  • Late check out of 4pm when available on sites for $15 fee
  • Should your travel arrangements be inconvenienced by these times, contact management to make alternative arrangements.


Noise and behaviour

  • The peaceful enjoyment of the park and facilities by all patrons is important to us. Please be considerate to your neighbours and restrict noise from radios, televisions and social gatherings after 10pm and before 8.30am.
  • Children must be supervised at all times to ensure they do not disturb other patrons.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the showers and toilets.
  • Site occupants will pay the costs of making good or restoring any damage caused by any occupant of the site or any person visiting the park at their invitation.



  • WALKING PACE for cars and bikes within the bounds of the property
  • One vehicle per site.
  • Bikes and roller blades may be ridden ONLY on the roads and at walking pace during daylight hours and helmets must be worn.
  • Playground area out of bounds after dark
  • All wastewater outlets must be connected to the gully traps if provided
  • Dump Point facilities for emptying van toilets are at the front of the park, next to main residence.
  • Portable toilet cassettes must NOT be emptied into amenities toilets.
  • Cleaning of fish, bathing of children, washing feet, clothes, dishes or filling kettles in bathroom hand basins is forbidden
  • Sites must be kept clean and free of rubbish, debris and unwanted items at all times.
  • Chain saws and generators must not be operated within the park


Television and radio reception

We are able to access digital channels by using a digital ready set-top box, TV or digital TV recorder.

There are currently approx. 16 channels we can receive. Digital radio reception is poor. Local community radio can be located on frequency 106.9 FM.

Rubbish– strictly household

  • All household rubbish is to be securely placed in plastic garbage bags and placed in the bins provided at the bin bays situated around the park.


  • NO PETS ALLOWED IN CABINS / ANY PUBLIC BUILDING. Failure to abide will result in eviction.
  • Any mess made by dogs is to be cleaned up immediately and NO visitors dogs allowed
  • No pets are to remain on an unattended site.
  • Management must approve all pets prior to being brought into the park.
  • Any animal causing noise or other problems for other patrons of the park will have to leave.

Tree risk

  • We have many trees in our park that drop branches and debris. Staff are continually pruning to reduce the problem. Major contract pruning is also carried out twice yearly to further reduce the risk.
  • We cannot accept any responsibility what so ever for personal injury or damage to personal property from falling branches or debris.



  • Fires must NOT be lit directly on the ground, they may only be lit in fire bins provided by the park or approved by park management.
  • Comply with all restrictions and or conditions which may be imposed by the relevant authority or caravan park proprietor during the declared fire danger period.
  • Fire wood may be brought into the park, however, it must be cut to size to fit fire bins (approx 400mm lengths) prior to entering the park. Any unused wood must be taken with you on departure.



  • Park management use their best endeavours to ensure a safe and secure environment at the park, however it is highly recommended that you take the precaution of securing all items of value in and around your van and vehicle.

 Recreation facilities

  • Not run, jump or dive into the swimming pool or bring alcohol, glass or animals into the swimming pool area. Children under the age of 12 years of age must be supervised by an adult at all time.
  • Not play ball games or ride bicycles around or in the amenities blocks, recreation room or sites.
  • Parents must maintain sufficient supervision of children in their control, so as to ensure that the children do not cause a nuisance or inconvenience to other occupants of the park.


Coin operated gas barbecues can be found in the camp kitchens at the front and rear of the park.


Laundry facilities with coin operated washing machines and dryers are located in the main amenities block on Olivier Grove and powered site amenities on Gracie Grove. The washing machines require $4 and dryers require $3. Clothes lines are located outside. A concrete pad to wash your car or boat can be found on Porter Boulevard near the laundry.


Reception is open from 8.30am to 6pm daily for check in and check outs, general enquiries, tourist and local information etc. Urgent messages will be delivered to your site whenever possible. Calling a person to reception for telephone calls is not possible. Check whiteboard outside office for messages.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

All reservations require a bond (deposit) to be paid at the time of the reservation. Without a bond, we are unable to make you a reservation. The minimum bond payable is equal to one night’s tariff.

Any changes to reservations, or cancellations will incur an administration fee*

All cancellations must be made directly with the park in writing.

Upon cancellation, monies paid (minus any cancellation fees) can be credited to a client account for future stays. Any money transferred for future stays at the Parks will only be valid for 12 months from the original reservation date.

No credit or refund will be available for early departures or cancellations once arrived.

Off Peak Periods

Cancellations received more than 14 days before the reservation date, will receive a refund of monies paid minus a cancellation fee.

Cancellations made within 14 days of the reservation surrender the bond (one night’s tariff). Any remaining monies can be refunded or applied to client account.

Cancellations made within 48 hours of the reservation, surrender all monies paid.

Peak and Shoulder Periods

Full payment may be required by a designated date; this will be supplied upon booking (approx. 60 days for peak or 30 days for selected shoulder periods).

Cancellations made before the designated full payment date, will receive a refund of monies paid minus a cancellation fee.

Cancellations made after the designated full payment date surrender all monies paid. If the site booked can be resold, monies paid (minus a cancellation fee) will be refunded.

3rd Party Bookings

Cancellation policies for 3rd party bookings may vary due to the specific website. Please check the specific cancellation policy included in the terms and conditions of the booking website.


The shop hours are varied according to the season, current opening hours are displayed at the shop. The range of goods available includes bread, milk, newspapers, basic groceries etc. Ice and firewood can also be purchased. Bread, milk and newspapers may also be ordered, however delivery times for these items do vary.

Recreation Facilities
– all on Olivia Grove

  • Swimming Pools: Open in the warmer months from 10am to Sunset
  • Recreation Room: Open from 10am to 9:30pm. There are a number of electronic games, table tennis, snooker, and a large screen TV. Table tennis bats and balls and snooker balls are available from reception on a refundable deposit.
  • Children’s Playground: A full playground is provided. Young children should be supervised.
  • Basketball: A basket ball ring and concrete pad is provided
  • Volleyball: A volley ball net on a grassed area is provided